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Soy Sauce Powder

Soy sauce powder is a popular Asian flavor seasoning. The soy sauce powder of WEIJIA FOOD’s is a powdery product processed by spray drying equipment with natural brewing soy sauce as the main raw material. Through micro-capsule embedding technology, the rich flavor components and aroma of liquid soy sauce are effectively retained and convenient to use.

Product Description

Feature of WEIJIA FOOD's soy sauce powder

Plenty of choices with over 30 different products

Non-GMO and gluten free products available

Broad powder color range from light to brown

Different fermented flavor: light, strong, Japanese

MUI、Kosher and Vegetarian

Strict control of 3-monochloro-1,2-propanediol (3-MCPD)

Product Features

Recommended producFeature
FSP-281、FSP-283、FSP-287Flavor rich
FSP-282、286Light color, light flavor
FSP-285、295Japanese flavor
FSP-291Low sodium
FSP-292Brewing type

Application and recommended usage level

ApplicationRecommended usage levelApplicationRecommended usage level
Condiment sauce0.5-1%Instant noodles1-3%
Seafood products1-2%Snacks1 -2%
Soup base5-15%Meat product0.5-2%


  • Q: Is the water solution of soy sauce powder equal to soy sauce?

    A: Because of the manufacturing process of soy sauce powder (spray drying), the rehydrated soy sauce powder is different from liquid soy sauce. WEIJIA FOOD has one soy sauce powder products, FSP-292, which can retain relatively stronger soy sauce taste in rehydration solution. Besides, WEIJIA FOOD has special products designed for manufacturers who want to use rehydrated soy sauce powder to boost the fermented flavor of their soy sauce products.

  • Q: How to understand the key properties of soy sauce powder?

    A: Flavor is a key property of soy sauce powder because soy sauce powder is mainly used as flavor enhancer. Protein content is another key property. Due to the intrinsic protein of the raw material (fermented soy sauce), soy sauce powder contains a certain amount of protein. However, the protein content is not that high (normally 8%-18%) . Sodium chloride is also a key property of soy sauce powder which influences its taste and cost.