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Baoding Weijia Food Ingredients Co., Ltd.

About us

Weijia Food Ingredients Co., Ltd. is one of the scientific and technological enterprises. The company is recognized for developing, manufacturing and supplying the food ingredients that enhance product performance. The main products are Hydrolyzed vegetable protein liquid, hydrolyzed vegetable protein powder, soy sauce powder, flavor seasoning powder, etc.

Our products were widely used in Seasonings, Japanese-style pickled vegetables, Chicken essence seasoning, Compound seasonings, Salty flavor, Instant noodle soup, Expanded recreational Food, Meat and food processing areas.

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Weijia’s products are popular throughout the country with delicious and unique flavor,.Weijia has always implement the modern enterprise management system, and establish of good corporate culture, market-oriented products to meet Customers’ demand is always the objective of what Weijia pursues. By continuously tracking the domestic and international cutting-edge technology, Weijia is able to improving product technology content. By using the high-quality products, new taste experience and the perfect service system to win the market and win business reputation and customer trust.We willing to cooperate sincerely with domestic and overseas customers, compose a new chapter in seasoning food industry.

Quality Assurance

Weijia puts her first priority in efficient management. The process from raw materials to finished products is under strictly control accordingly to SC, HACCP and CIQ requirements. There are 12 control procedures, with special emphasis on the production Process control, by ensuring the quality aspects of each work to ensure product quality stability. Quality inspection center equipped with advanced detection equipment to ensure the quality of the finished products.

Technology Development

Weijia has the chemical analysis, microbiological, and other laboratories. Completed R & D system, excellent R & D conditions, make full use of modern science and technology, combined with seasoning food market trend, and developed many new products by focusing on the customers’ private requirement. Particular focus on low hydrochloric acid hydrolyzed vegetable protein, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, hydrolyzed protein in the savory or of meat products such as the field of applied research and development.

Marketing Network

Market Network: In the "all in order to meet customers’ demand " basis, Wei Jia series of products are now sold all over the country, exported to Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. Scientific sales concept could help Weijia to promote the establishment of a sound business Weijia smooth distribution network.

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